Hello all,
I would like to apologize again for simply removing my music from the platforms at short notice. You can be sure that my music will be available again soon.
In the last days and months I had a lot to do, because I moved to another city therefore I am only now getting in touch. As I already wrote several times, I make music for a MMO. I have come to the decision that I will remove my published music from the platforms for the time being and then publish them as official soundtracks to also build up a tension with the new soundtracks. I’m sorry I made this decision, I was also more focused on releasing a lot, but should have taken more time to mix the soundtracks. The MMO is slowly progressing but it may be a while before I can release the music. Rest assured that I’ll do my best but I can’t give a time frame for the release of the OST yet.

The next steps
I’m working very hard on new music and have already accomplished quite a bit, but I will be making improvements to the older music to give you the best listening experience. And that will also take some time. For me it doesn’t make sense to release prematurely because in my genre there can be problems with the releases if they don’t belong to any movie, game and they are not marked as official soundtrack. The platforms are very strict and move my music in the wrong genre or you can’t find them.

I still have a lot of plans and will also try different things with which you may not expect. I apologize again for the inconvenience and I deeply apologize for this decision and at the same time I ask for your patience until the project progresses.
As soon as I have news, I will contact you.

Marvin Simon.

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