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Hello everyone,

I announced yesterday on Twitter I want to talk to you about a few topics I’ve wanted to address for a long time.

First I want to thank you guys for listening to my music, I started in August 2020 and I still enjoy creating new works. My goal was to compose music for games and I started out just making music though. Over time I’ve learned a lot and I’ve always evolved, my music has gotten better and better.

I’ve already mentioned once that I’m making music for an MMO, the published works were intended for the project, but I didn’t want to stop publishing music all of a sudden and disappoint you. With the time my profiles became more and more full with new content I think I already published a lot. I will therefore take my music out of the streaming platforms and sales platforms and also change the distributor. Don’t worry my music will come back and then as official soundtracks for the MMO project. The game is in the beginning of development and I guess it could take some time until I release the OST.

My goal is to build my reach through the game and continue to make music for the MMO project. Who knows maybe I will do music for other projects. I also started selling my music in the Unity Asset Store and Unreal Engine Marketplace as a financial backup. I also continue to work on new content.

Unfortunately I have to tell you that I won’t release any new content on Spotify and Co for the time being and I apologize for any inconvenience.

I look forward to do it

Marvin Simon

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